Travel around the M25 Motorway at 900mph

car detailing essex about m25Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel around the M25 London Orbital Motorway at 900mph? Well, now you can through Factory Digital Media’s brilliant sped-up video of one man’s journey from Woking at Junction 11 all the way around the road and back to his starting point.

Travel around the entire M25 motorway, encircling London, I just 2.5 minutes in the video below. The video was filmed from a Volkswagen T5 California van and records the entire journey traveling clockwise around London’s M25.

You can see landmarks such as the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge linking the road across the River Thames between Thurrock in Essex and Dartford in Kent, as well as the road works and road widening schemes underway in Hertfordshire.

Originally filmed and released as a DVD that was called “The most pointless DVD” ever made, it has become somewhat of a road watcher’s hyper-speed sensation, travelling around the 117 mile road at what works out at 900mph, showing driving patterns and stop-starts in almost hypnotic interest.

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