Safe driving on the M25

page 1 on googleThe M25 is one of the busiest roads in the World. London’s orbital motorway is 117 miles long and undergoes constant improvements, renovations and widening schemes to cope with traffic increases. With variable speed limit sections and stretches of roadworks, it is more important than ever that drivers concentrate on their primary task and are not distracted by telephone calls, texting or using their radios and media players.

Many products have been created to enable drivers to use their phones safely whilst driving, as reported on the Innovative Media website. Either through the car sound system or via Bluetooth technology, mobile phones can now be safely used when driving on the M25 providing better safety to drivers, passengers and other car drivers.

Hands free car kits often have voice control, meaning the driver can simply speak to command the system to call a specific person or recognise numbers the driver speaks to make a telephone call. This means they can drive safely on the motorway, making calls without takig a hand off of the steering wheel.Car safety reciprocal links

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