The M25 and the London Jewish Community

jewish london m25The M25 motorway links two of Europe’s largest Jewish communities. The North-West London community and Redbridge based Jewish communities combine as home to almost 200,000 Jewish people. They are the result of early twentieth century immigration from Eastern Europe to London.

Jews were persecuted, arrested, murdered and used as political scapegoats in Russia and by the NAZIs of Germany, meaning that communities in conquered countries including Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Austria and the Baltic States were treated in much the same way as ISIS treat Christians in Syria and Iraq today. Those lucky enough to escape were able to join family in what is now modern day Israel, or flee to countries such as the UK, Australia, USA, Canada and Spain. There are 56 synagogues in London today ranging from ultra orthodox Judaism to reform synagogues.

loughton synagogue londonMany synagogues are based closed to the M25, including those in Edgware, Mill Hill, Radlett, Rickmansworth, Watford, Redbridge, Chigwell and Loughton in the North of London. They cover the full spectrum of the Jewish community and provide religious and spiritual guidance for those that seek it. There are also a number of Jewish cemeteries close to the motorway including Bushey, Rainham and Cheshunt which borders the M25 close to junction 25.

One of the younger Jewish communities is the Loughton congregation. The Loughton Jewish community has grown up around the Loughton synagogue and is known as a modern Jewish community with traditional values. It offers a Sunday school known as “Cheder” and provides regular services for the Sabbath and holy days as well as weddings Bat and Bar Mitzvahs. The synagogue can also recommend a Bar Mitzvah teacher for families with boys of Bar Mitzvah age.

london jewish communityMany in the Jewish community are professionals in fields such as medicine, law, accountancy, financial planning and business management. Socialising with other members of the community provides a potentially lucrative business networking opportunity in Loughton, Chigwell and throughout the wider Jewish Community.

Lifelong friendships are common within the community and people often turn to acquaintances they have met within their local synagogue if they require professional advice about legal or financial issues. If there is not a specialist known to the community, a recommendation for a professional in civil litigation in the North London area is likely to be found or a well respected accountant in the North London area. There are many medical specialists within the local area from General Practitioners through to psychiatrists, physiotherapists, hypnotherapists and many other medical and psychiatric treatment professionals. For more information about a psychiatrist in Loughton, click here.

Learn more about Loughton at M25 Junction 26 here.

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