Chelsea Physic Garden


Chelsea Physic Garden


Located in the centre of London, Chelsea Physic Garden was founded in the year 1673 by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries  one of the City of London Livery Companies -. Also known as Apothecaries Garden, its main aim was to teach young apprentices in the way of plants in regards to identifying them and learning their healing properties. Back in the time, ‘physics’ meant the art of healing. It is one of the oldest and most renowned gardens in the United Kingdom. It is the second largest Botanical Garden after the University Of Oxford Botanic Garden, which was established in the year 1621.

The location of the Garden had been carefully thought out. There is the River Thames lowing nearby which has a lot of benefits for the growth of the plants. It offers a warmer climate for the plants which need to acclimatize to the native weather. The river allows the plants to tolerate the extreme climate of United Kingdom. On top of that it serves as an important transportation which served as a significant factor back in the time flourishing communication routes. It was through this that later in 1700s the garden started exchanging seeds with other organizations.Chelsea Physic Garden

The seed exchange program initiated a golden era for the Garden spanning over the years 1722 to 1770 after the visit of a Dutch Botanist, Paul Hermann. Thanks to Phillip Miller through whose attempts the Garden came into the possession of the largest number of species of plants. The over all layout plan of the Garden was divided up according to different environment categories. Each division supported the growing characteristics of a specific plan. The rock Garden was constructed by using a wide range of different rocks types taken from the Tower of London. The Rock Garden was finished in the year 1773 and is known to be the oldest rock garden in the world.

The Garden has gained a steady reputation over its long life span thanks to numerous personalities associated with it. Thanks to most of their attempts, contributions a cooperation, the Chelsea Physic Garden is one of the oldest and most well renowned Botanical Garden in the United Kingdom.


The Garden is on the Chelsea Embankment of the River Thames and close to Kensington.  There are buses to Oxford Circus Station for the West End of London and Knightsbridge. Sloane Square is on the District and Circle lines with connections to Tower Hill Station. The main London theatres including the Harold Pinter Theatre are available to make a great day out. It is also close to the Chelsea FC ground. Just as football clubs in the lower divisions need promotion, so websites require promotion.

In the year 1876, The Chelsea Physic Garden expanded its specialization into the field of education by initiating lectures and workshops for young women training to become Botany teachers or botanists. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, the responsibility of taking care of the garden was passed on from the Society of Apothecaries to City Parochial Foundation. It wasn’t until 1983 that the Garden was opened to public and registered as a charity.

The Chelsea Physic Garden has played a major role in medicinal properties of the plants and in expanding its importance in the educational field. It has helped greatly in regeneration of public interest in the field of Botany. It is for this reason it is also the member of the London Museums of Health & Medicine.