Five reasons for a loft conversion in Essex or around the M25

loft conversion Essex
loft conversion Essex

There’s no doubt that in an ever crowded London and M25 area, a loft conversion has multiple benefits. House design and interior decorating website HouseToHouse has published a great article about why every house with loft space could benefit from a loft conversion in Essex or around the M25.

In their article 5 reasons why you’ll want to plan a loft conversion explains that “Not only are the views from a loft conversion pretty special, but a well-designed space is the most cost-effective way to gain more metres in your home. The HouseToHouse article focuses on five of the most popular reasons for adding a loft conversion these are:

  1. A loft conversion provides more living space in your home

  2. A loft conversion is suitable to provide almost any room needed

  3. A sloping roof can work to your advantage for space creation

  4. Split-level living means a loft conversion can add character to your home

  5. A loft conversion can provide a major financial reward by adding value to your home

family lawyer Barnet
family lawyer Barnet

A loft conversion isn’t just for the home, it can be a way to expand commercial properties used as offices. Many suitable properties are taken by accountants and solicitor firms. Just around the M25 there are several family lawyer in Barnet that have used loft space to increase office space for their growing successful practice.

Both loft conversion companies and family lawyers can benefit from using a local SEO company in Essex or Hertfordshire to grow their business through a specialist small business online sales and marketing agency. Some of the best small business marketing agency examples are companies that started with freelancers and local people consulting on the local market. Many began in home offices, loft conversions or bedrooms.

Other examples of how loft conversions can benefit entrepreneurial skills around the M25 is when they are used as consultation rooms or treatment rooms by a successful life coach, hypnotherapist or optometrist. A qualified and experienced optometrist in Essex who specialises in colorimetry and offers a colour dyslexia test might use a loft space to create a practice at home.