Drive safely on the M25 motorway

dyslexia testAfter the first increase in motorway deaths for a decade, the Government and police are stamping down hard on drivers that use mobile telephones on motorways such as the M25. As reported by BBC News, a driver could be fined more than £60 and receive six rather than three points. That means if caught just twice holding their mobile phone on the M25 motorway, they could lose their driving licence.  It has been illegal to use a mobile phone when driving a vehicle since 2003, yet most drivers ignore the law regularly.

One of the biggest problems is that most people now have smart phones, meaning more complex swipes and codes to get into the phone navigation system, and then using a touchscreen to enter the phone app and then finding a number. The recent launch of the iphone 6 and iphone 6+ mean many more people will use their phones as a satnav system as well. People also text and drive, meaning they stop concentrating on driving on the motorway whilst replying to messages.

Many people take pride in their cars, keeping them clean and polished and seeing their car as a status symbol. Companies in affluent areas have thrived by offering car cleaning or car detailing services around Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Kent – all close to the M25. These services include cleaning, polishing, valeting and shining the car tires. Prices range depending on the service of the car detailing company.

Another reason for accidents on motorways is failure to leave enough space between the car and the vehicle in front. Many drivers may also have vision impairment without realising. Gradual deterioration of eye sight means that numberplates, break lights and signs become harder to see and read. For that reason, drivers should get their eyes tested every two years. Sight tests can alert drivers to other conditions, such as dyslexia and meares irlen syndrome. Dyslexia and Meares Irlen syndrome tests can be easily carried out by an optometrist specialising in colorimetry test.

M25 Business NetworkingA less typical reason for accidents on the M25 motorway is failing to properly secure luggage on roof racks. Families travelling on holidays or sports outings often use roof space savers or storage boxes on top of their car. Should these come loose, they can fall and become obstructions. On a motorway, the high speeds leave little time for drivers to safely avoid the obstruction. Roof space boxes are also seen as status symbols, showing off sporting prowess. They first became popular in Scandinavia for transporting skiing equipment. This is something they have in common with roof space conversions for the home.

Driving safely on the motorway means having the right equipment and making sure that your car is working properly. As the clocks go back tonight (Saturday 25th October 2014), you should prepare for winter driving by checking your lights are working, anti-freeze is added to your windscreen wash and checking your tyre grip depths. Also, the clocks going back means sunset is earlier, in rush hour from now on so you might want to make sure you have a set of sunglasses in the car with you to protect your vision if the sun is lower than your sun visor flaps. You can find a great range of designer glasses online here.

Check out this video if you’re unsure about how to prepare your car for winter driving conditions on UK roads and motorways.

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