Chigwell and the fashion high life

Chigwell TOWIEChigwell is a Essex based town that is now seen as a North-East London suburb. It is 12 miles from Central London and close to the Essex – Hertfordshire border. It is served by the Central Line on London Underground, as well as being close to Junction 26 of the M25 and Junction 5 of the M11. Known as part of the wealthy Essex Golden Triangle, the town became famous as the home of Birds of a Feather in the 1980s. The BBC1 smash hit comedy show was bought by ITV last year and a second series has been commissioned for 2015.

More recently, The ITV semi-reality tv show The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE)  has seen much filming in Chigwell yet the town had become famous long before the advent of tv. Chigwell appeared on the British cultural map because of Ye Olde Kings Head was built in 1547 and has been seen as one of the locations in TOWIE, was first publicised by Charles Dickens. The building was his inspiration for The Maypole Inn which features in his novel Barnaby Rudge. Today, Lord Alan Sugar’s Turkish restaurant, Sheesh, occupies the building.

car detailing essex volvoChigwell’s affluence means that it has become a very fashion conscious link between Essex Fashion and London’s West End. Latest trends, particularly in women’s haute couture and fashion brands will often offer their lines to TOWIE stars to help sell their designs nationally. Accessories have also been made popular by the show including lap dogs, the latest trend in designer glasses and sun glasses, handbags and hats. There are several high-end optometrists in the area that stock designer glasses featured in the TOWIE television show. Of course, those who don’t have the money to afford Chigwell High Street prices can purchase designer glasses online for a reduced price.

Along with the fashionable wardrobes, Chigwell is home to some of the finest homes in the country. Lord Sugar has moved into the area and many of the good-looking 20-somethings have been made famous by TOWIE, including Mark Wright who is currently appearing in the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing show. It is therefore no surprise that many classic and luxury cars can be seen on the roads in the town. Mercedes, Volvos, Jaguars, Bentleys and BMWs are all the rage and there is a more than necessary number of 4x4s to be found across the relatively flat area. Residents often prefer the services of car detailing and valeting services that come to their home than taking their cars to car washes or hand car wash locations. In strong economic times, an Essex car detailing company can do good work in Chigwell.

TOWIE hasn’t just promoted material goods, it has captured the trend in affluent parts of Essex for private health, spa and mental support treatments. With money comes stress and many people have found maintaining their mental health through the use of psychotherapy and psychiatry a useful way of keeping their life in check. The commute to central London takes between 45 minutes to an hour and time is something in short supply for London workers living in Chigwell. As a result many local psychiatrists in Essex have launched successful practices in the Chigwell area. Keeping check of busy lives can be difficult and a life coach can benefit those struggling with their busy schedules. As most people drive, finding a qualified life coach In Essex or Hertfordshire is often a decision many take.

chigwell business networkingMany in Chigwell have decided to quit the commute and work from home. Those in industries such as graphic design, web design, SEO and journalism have opted to run their businesses from home. Many companies in London have as a result turned to the services of design and SEO companies in Chigwell or Chingford where costs are lower due to cheaper office overheads. Location is no obstacle to reaching the first page on Google and therefore companies can get to Google’s first page for lower cost.

So it’s not just the people of Chigwell that are looking good but local businesses too. Local businesses are thriving through networking within the community but also through business networking clubs. Find out more about business networking in Chigwell here.

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