Checklist for Website Development

Checklist for Website Development

Website Checklist—Example for a Solicitor’s Website


On-page aspects

Your target keyword phrases need to appear in the:

  1. Web Page Title tag
  2. H1 tags
  3. Meta-Description
  4. Body of the text – include your major search phrases in the first 150 words. Steer clear of keyword stuffing but use synonyms and also related key phrases. Generally, pages with under 300 words are difficult to rank. There is discussion on the very best length. Your web page should give a good response to a search. The length of the page will depend on the data needed.
  5. Alt tags

A firm of family law solicitors in Edgware might have a website with lots of information about divorce and separation, financial settlements in dispute cases and matrimonial law and if keywords like divorce solicitors in North London are used in the title, H1 tag and meta-description, this will help with ranking on the search engine results pages.

See for more information.

Give unique focus on the Page Title tag. Google indexes the initial 70 characters and this includes the spaces. The home page on a website has the best opportunity of being ranked highly with a high domain authority on the search engines so the most effort ought to be related to that.

  1. Write terrific web content. Top quality content is king.
  2. Navigation taking into account the menu should enable site visitors to move around the site easily.
  3. Schema markup. This is especially vital for NAP – name, address as well as phone number.
  4. Internal website search.
  5. External web links, specifically if they include your target key phrases in the support text, have a favourable effect on ranking.
  6. Position on internet search engines is significantly based on customer signals such as time spent on page and also on the website. Videos are important as they permit the visitor to be fed information easily. Video clips have the tendency to enhance the time a customer spends on your site.
  7. Google analytics is a complimentary program that provides vital response information consisting of number of visitors each day and also the web pages being visited. This data could help you to upgrade your website.
  8. Social share buttons.
  9. Your website needs to be backed up regularly at intervals depending on how often the site is updated.
  10. Security: Hacking is rising. Wrongdoers attempt to gain access to your internet site either to take it all over or to include links to their internet sites to enhance their income.

WordPress Internet Site

  1. Akismet – this is an anti-spam plugin: it minimizes spam comments.
  2. Permalinks should be set up as ‘Post name’. WordPress will use the Page Title in the file name. As an example, the title of a page might be Conversion Rate Optimisation and the subsequent link will certainly be
  3. Wordfence is a fantastic protection plugin that has Anti-virus, Firewall and also Malware Check features. You could set the amount of login efforts that can be made.
  4. There are numerous plugins that increase the speed of your website. Jetpack has a component which accelerates image downloads.
Excellent Practice
  1. Responsive sites – the web content changes to fit the screen dimension from large screens to smart devices.
  2. Pictures could make a web page attractive but large pictures can slow down the speed of download. Equilibrium is required.
  3. Page speed – stay clear of sluggish download speeds. The section above the fold ought to download and install in under three seconds.
Applying the List to a Solicitor’s Internet site

The objective of a website is to draw in brand-new visitors that could become customers. The website ought to be pleasing to the eye and simple to navigate.

If you look at a website for a firm of solicitors, the target key phrase ought to appear in the Web Page Title tag, the H1 tag and the meta-description. It should also appear a couple of times in the body text. Online search engines don’t see photographs: Alt tags explain what the picture is about. The target key phrase can be included in a few image alt texts.

Generally searchers are searching for solicitors with special interests such as divorce, conveyancing or Estate planning. These words could be included in the Page Title tag as well as in various other essential locations. is the result of cooperation between Google, Bing, Yandex and also Yahoo! which helps you to give search engines the information they need to understand your web content and supply the best search results possible currently. Including Schema markup to your HTML enhances the look of your page on the SERPs. The markup for lawyers could show the firm’s name, that they are a law firm and consist of the business address as well as telephone number. The telephone area code offers more verification of an area.

A short video clip on the home page providing helpful information might boost individual time spent on the web page and this will enhance positions for the website. A professional like a company of lawyers could utilize a videographer with ideal expertise.

As well as promoting your business online, a business networking group is a great way of bringing in new business. A business networking group in Enfield might have regular meetings for business professionals that can network and pass on referrals to each other thus securing new business for companies.