Board game – Snakes and Ladders – for SEO

Board game – Snakes and Ladders – for SEO

The game played online to move you up the search engine rankings


With the range of Google updates on offer, even if the amount of your internet website traffic has gone up recently, you might see it go down tomorrow. It is a lot like the board game of snakes and ladders.

Online internet search engines like Google make a lot of money from adverts on their results web pages. Google looks for indications of appropriate websites for certain search requirements and on-page variables like making use of keywords on web pages and in the underlying coding are excellent places to start.



Google was key to the concept of individual signals being included in the formula for ranking. To begin with, this was done with the use of inbound links to reveal the authority of internet websites and pages. PageRank, named after one of the owners– Larry Page, is the framework for assessing site authority. Google uses decimal places and updates PageRank continuously.

Prior to December 2013 Google updated PageRank information nonetheless it does not do this now and Moz gives updates for Page Authority and Domain Authority which might be one of the best signs available to show how good your website is.


Quality Score and Search Positioning

Another approach for analyzing customer signals is Quality Score. Components such as bounce rate together with the amount of time on a page give Google an indication of specifically how good a website is– a website that individuals do not stay on shows lower quality whereas web pages that people stay on suggest better quality and this leads to better rankings on online search engine results pages.

There is not only a requirement to revive your SEO, but also to keep track of particularly what is occurring in the forever changing market of advertising and also SEO, especially where Google and its formula updates are concerned.

If you or your SEO specialist has uncovered a reason to change things in your SEO strategy, this doesn’t mean that you have messed things up. You have seen that you need to make changes and will need to understand what needs to be done.

If you perform SEO appropriately, online search engines will definitely press more internet website traffic to your site than social networking or email traffic would.

This may not have been the case when you established your blog website. You need to gain that authority from Google, Bing and other search engines by gradually acquiring inbound links — link bait and by linking your blog site and social networking sites. It takes a great deal of work, commitment and perseverance.

Just like any kind of strategy– whether it’s business related or SEO related, in some cases an evaluation of where you are could be needed. This helps you in examining what is good and should stay, along with what isn’t so good and might need to be removed.

There isn’t actually a precise plan or timescale within which you should re-evaluate your SEO approach. Yet the sooner it’s checked out the better it is.

  1. Keyword stuffing

If you are used to keyword stuffing you will definitely need more than a refresh of your SEO technique, you will need to learn about what’s altered in SEO over the last 10 years.

Antique Chinese porcelain Middle Ming dynasty duck vase.aviYoutube

10 years ago, a company selling antiques online may have put the keyword online antiques for sale on their website many times in the content and the meta tag. The major web online search engines do not consider the meta keyword tag any longer. Matt Cutts who was the voice for Google explained that it was ok to put your key phrase on your website a couple of times but far more than that makes it resemble keyword stuffing which has a negative impact on positioning. So for an antiques company, keywords like Blue and White Transfer Ware, Staffordshire pottery or antique ceramics might be better keywords to use to move higher in the rankings for search engines.



Stuffing your content, your metadata summaries as well as titles with your target keywords has not helped for a long time and would probably result in your site being taken off online search engines. There isn’t truly anything set in stone concerning keyword density– the amount of times that a key phrase is on a website — yet purposefully loading keywords in your material, metadata descriptions and titles will bring about lower positions in the game of snakes and ladders.

  1. Putting the quantity of web links over the quality of web links

Quality of web links is a great deal more crucial than the amount of links that you have. Google does not stick to its 100 internet links optimal policy for every page and has mentioned that you can have many links, however if you specifically make use of links to increase your SEO positions, you shouldn’t do this any longer.

  1. Spam blog writing

Blogging isn’t necessarily a good idea though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t develop interesting, top quality content for blog websites online. Content is still very important and by launching premium content on blog internet sites, you can make your business and also your internet site an authority on subjects that are vital to your firm’s business.

Putting your content on blog internet sites that are significant is fantastic ie those that are linked to your business by some method. A great business networking group in Woodford might look at other business networking groups nearby to get ideas about how other networking companies pull in new business and develop new leads for existing members of the group which will make an enhanced contribution to their company.

Any business would like to receive positive reviews from internet business promoters so an excellent web designer who can develop your website to increase your domain authority is well worth having.

Dyslexia Decoded - Diagnosing Dyslexia YTA charity helping people with dyslexia could launch content onto blog sites that can help make a difference to people. Using keywords like coloured tinted lenses, Meares Irlen Syndrome or online dyslexia testing can increase your domain authority and make people aware of your website so that you can help them.


4. Duplicating material

Duplicating material is often necessary and would consequently not cause any kind of problems with Google. Nevertheless, if you’re replicating content for SEO, particularly poor material– this is described as ‘deceptive material’ by Google — and you should at least put a link to the first resource to make sure that Google does not penalize you.

SEO needs to adhere to the standards that Google as well as many other online search engines have really set up.

  1. Adding key phrases to metadata summaries

In the past, keywords were put in metadata summaries and it might still be fine to do so, although key phrases in meta summaries are not a ranking attribute for SEO any longer.

This does not mean you have to eliminate using metadata descriptions, neither does it suggest you should not place keywords in them. Rather, you could boost the worth of metadata descriptions by writing them with customers in mind to aid them in identifying why they must click on your net link instead of someone else’s.