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M25 business networkingThe M25 London Orbital Motorway was created to alleviate traffic and pollution levels throughout the Capital of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Once the economic, business and trading hub of the British Empire, London remains one of the largest and most populated cities on Earth. It was one of the first cities to become a commuter based entity firstly through the development of the rail network, and soon after through the motor car revolution.

Whilst the M25 was build primarily to help avoid traffic travelling through London, acting as a bypass and linking all the major routes out of the city, it also provides important connections to many tourist locations and makes it easier to reach them. Attractions such as Chessington World of Adventures, Thorp Park, Hampton Court, Wembley Stadium and Epping Forest are all based close to the M25 and benefit from the road links and wider road network.

This website has been created in order to promote towns and attractions close to the M25 and some of the hard working business people that help to service those towns. Many operate local businesses and rely on the M25 for stock, materials, customers or clients.

The internet and developments in high speed broadband and mobile technology means that fewer people need to commute into London and more can work from home or operate successfully without the need to enter Central London regularly. All around the M25, local business networking communities have grown up, often through organisations such as BNI, SMART Networking or other business network groups. There are opportunities for business networking in Loughton, Woodford, Woking, Sutton, Watford, Thurrock, Dartford and many towns that the M25 passes through.

M25 Business NetworkingSelf employed professionals such as life coaches and private psychiatrists might also cover a wider geographic catchment area if they are close to the M25, for example a qualified life coach in Hertfordshire might offer a service within 20 minutes drive, which includes travelling three junctions in either direction, taking them as far as Watford to the West and Epping to the East. A private psychiatrist in Loughton at Junction 26 on the M25 would be able to offer services in Hertfordshire to the west, or Romford and Braintree to the East.

Specialists in rare businesses or services might also benefit from attracting clients from a wider distance. A colorimetry test that can identify and reduce symptoms of dyslexia and migraines is only offered by a handful of opticians in the UK, yet the treatment of such problems is simple and easily discovered by the optometrist. For more information about the colour dyslexia test near the M25, click here.

We hope you enjoy our M25 website and find attractions and things to do out and about in the London area close to the motorway.

Find out about latest M25 delays and trouble spots via the BBC Travel website here.

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